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EnSolve Provides Green Solutions for Contaminated Wastestreams


EnSolve Biosystems and its clients are dedicated to the environmental stewardship of our planet's oceans and water systems.  EnSolve manufactures remediation products for maritime and land based applications that provide environmental and economic benefits for our customers.

EnSolve Wins Patent Award for EnScrub






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  • Equipment operation and installation

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  • Oil Content Monitor (OCM) verification and calibration

  • OCM exchange

Engineering and Field Service
Treatment System Design
  • Biological treatment system design

  • Chemical treatment system design

  • Pilot-scale system design and construction 

  • AutoDesk 3D and 2D design capabilities

  • Microbial assay

  • Treatability studies

  • Specialized microbial blends


About EnSolve

Founded in 1995, EnSolve’s mission is to provide green treatment systems for maritime and land-based industries that offer customers both economic and environmental benefits.

EnSolve has installed its patented PetroLiminator 

oil water separator systems on ship platforms worldwide including cruise ships, ferries, oil tankers, commercial fishing vessels, Ro-Ros, ore carriers, government and military vessels, work boats, oil exploration vessels and offshore drilling platforms. 


EnSolve introduced the EnScrub   Treatment System to remove contaminants from marine and industrial scrubber systems for legal discharge.  Our PetroClean Biotreatment Systems have been utilized for the treatment of groundwater, process wastes, and off-loaded oily bilgewater.

EnSolve is located in Raleigh, North Carolina, part of the Research Triangle Park (RTP) region.






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