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greasefeast is a powerful, eco-friendly degreaser that, unlike caustic chemicals or solvents, uses natural detergents to clean away grease and oils and not damage materials.

How it works 
greasefeast is a special formulation of surfactants and enzymes that naturally and safely clean away your oil and grease problems.

The bacterial soaps (i.e., biosurfactants) in greasefeast were developed by EnSolve to cut grease and oil away from hard surfaces.


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greasefeast plus! is the same liquid formulation as greasefeast but includes a capsule of safe oil-degrading microbes which may be added to the liquid when oil degradation is required.

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greasefeast Product Sheet

greasefeast plus! Product Sheet

In 2000, Dr. Jason Caplan and his EnSolve team created greasefeast, an eco-friendly, biodegradable degreaser for industrial and shop use. And it worked great-tackling the toughest grease stains that industrial users could throw at it.


Fast-forward a handful of years, and greasefeast has earned fans around the world in kitchens, garages, manufacturing plants, laundry rooms, on boats, and more.


It turns out Jason’s eco-friendly greasefeast outperforms the competition, consumers love it, and it smells great!